Reliable and effective harbour assistance in harsh winter conditions

We have been operating in the demanding conditions of the Gulf of Bothnia for more than 40 years, so we can safely say that we offer ice-breaking services backed by extensive expertise.

Conditions in the Port of Kokkola are often challenging, but we are used to operating under rough conditions – after all, this is YHB’s fifth decade of breaking ice.
Winters in the Gulf of Bothnia can be ruthless. When the mercury plummets, ice conditions become insurmountable, even for the largest ships. This is where we come in. Five of our vessels carry out ice-breaking duties in the winter, shattering even the thickest sea ice and opening safe passage to the Port.

In Kokkola and Raahe, our main operating areas, the sea is frozen for an average of three months a year. At the most extreme temperatures, a newly opened shipping lane freezes over again in under an hour. To keep the ports running on schedule, our icebreakers must be able to respond quickly.

This is just one of the reasons why YHB is available around the clock, on every day of the year.


Of the YHB fleet, it is the Orion, the Taurus, the Draco, the Aquila and the Cetus that handle ice-breaking duties. Get to know our vessels!

24h service

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Our tugs are available on short notice, 24 hours a day, all year around. Contact us through your shipping agent, or directly via the company duty number.Call us