24/7 harbour towage every day of the year

YHB has operated in the Port of Kokkola since 1981. We are currently the leading harbour towage company in the Gulf of Bothnia.

Safe and smooth harbour towing services

YHB offers harbour towing services in the Gulf of Bothnia. Our main operating areas are Kokkola and Raahe, but we can quickly get to wherever our help is needed.
Our fleet of six vessels guarantees that we have the capacity to carry out any harbour towage duties in our main operating areas safely and smoothly. When the giants of port traffic need towing, YHB’s expert crews and swift and powerful vessels are there to help the ships in and out of moorage.

The Port of Kokkola is one of the largest ports in Finland. It has grown very quickly, especially over the past decade. Our job is to ensure that port traffic runs like clockwork and that even Panamax ships can arrive and depart safely.

Of our multifunctional fleet, four vessels are ASD tugs and five also serve as icebreakers. We send out the tug that is best suited for the job: a small tug for a small ship, a large tug for a large ship and multiple tugs for an even larger ship.

Whenever something is happening in the port, YHB is there to help as the leading harbour towage and ice-breaking company in the Gulf of Bothnia. We are at your service every hour of every day. And we handle any mission safely and smoothly from start to finish.

24h service

+358 102 190 750
Our tugs are available on short notice, 24 hours a day, all year around. Contact us through your shipping agent, or directly via the company duty number.Call us